We repair/replace pipe stems, we make modified and enhanced pipe stems, create new stems and a whole lot more in the way of pipe repairs.

And, we make hand crafted pipes mostly in the style of the Danish stacks of 40-50 years ago and variations on themes of the old standards. 

Need a new pipe stem? Want a different type of stem or an extension for a cooler smoke?   Have a cracked shank on your favorite pipe? Have a gurgler that you can’t fix? We’ve got a complete machine shop so we can do repairs and modifications many others can’t do.

Having a problem getting a Savinelli Dry system replaced or a tapered bit on some military mount? We can fit one up at a reasonable price

Want to fit a custom stem to improve or just spruce up the appearance of a pipe?

How about an extension shank or stem to turn any pipe into a churchwarden for a cooler smoke?

Want a military bit on your pipe so you can pull of the stem while it’s hot? We can install a shank extension and fit a military tapered push bit. You can still switch back to the original anytime by just pulling off the extension and pushing on your original bit.

When you have a catastrophe like breaking a piece out of the shank mortise, or snapping the shank, we can usually repair that. The pipe just needs to have a bit of shank length remaining in order to make a new mortise and add an extension. We can sometimes repair a shank snapped off at the bowl, it depends on how thick the bowl walls are. Consult with us and send a picture.

And of course we do the usual stem replacements to fit a close replacement to the original.

We’ll do Complete Pipe restorations on just about any briar.

If your pipe is gurgling too much, we can often help that by fitting a spacer in the mortise if there’s a gap, and by uniforming and smoothing the draft way.


How to get it done:  for basic stem replacement, send the pipe and a check for $26.00 to:


PO Box 160

Clifford, PA 18413 

If you want more complex work done, It's a bit more, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and describe the work you want, maybe include a picture of the pipe and I'll come up with a quote.  Call at 908-419-7560